Take Away Lessons


This hoop takeaway service gives you access to full lessons, that you keep and take away to learn at your own pace. Learn all things beginner, intermediate and advanced, with access to past classes, as taught via Zoom. 

Our online sessions have received fantastic feedback and do not disappoint, . These takeaways give you unlimited access to sessions, so that you can learn at a pace to suit you, your schedule, or your timezone. Each takeaway is an hour long, unless otherwise stated (some are 2/3/4 hours) and feature only the teacher. 

You can also sign up to classes and receive a video every week if you can’t attend online. 

Whether you are looking for something in particular, or a curriculum to follow, Project Hoop has got you! Simply select and pay for the videos you want, receive your files via email, download, take it away, and hoop it out!

Tricks Bundle – 3 videos for £10 (excludes packages)

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Hoop Camp Packages

Beginners package + 1 vest + 1 hoop (request size, standard is 35 inch details in shop) (Grey size 8-12) –> UK £30 –> includes UK delivery

Vest Colour :
Vest Size :

Beginners package + 1 vest  (request size otherwise standard 35 inch) (Grey size 8-12) –> UK £20 –> includes UK delivery

Vest Size :

Beginners package + 1 HoopLife sweatshirt (black – small, medium, large) + 1 hoop (all sizes approx 35 inches other sizes can be requested)  –> UK £45 –> includes UK delivery

Sweats Size :

Beginners package + 1 HoopLife sweatshirt  (black – small, medium, large) –> UK £45 –> includes UK delivery

Sweats Size :

Takeaway Menu

Beginners Hoop Package – £12

Can’t make a weekly class, or want to enhance yourself outside of classes? Beginners I have got you!
Take a step into the world of hula hooping and learn all things beginner with this takeaway video package from Project Hoop.
This beginner’s bundle, gives you access to over 5 hours of video content, covering all the basics, with moves, tricks, and choreography. Take your time, keep fit and healthy, and go with your flow.

What’s covered:

  • How to waist hoop, moving with the hoop, reversing directions
  • What hoop to choose
  • Lassos
  • Corkscrews
  • Escalators
  • Z spins
  • Legs
  • Floats
  • Smears
  • Wedgies
  • Mandalas
  • Weaves chest hooping
  • Isolations
  • Combos, choreo and so much more!

Coin tosses package 1 -2 – 3 – (3 hours) – £10

This package explores the world of coin tosses and flips, whatever you want to call them, by any other name, they are just as sweet. I love coin tosses, I am going to share them with you, and you will love coin tosses too– this takeaway starts around our heads and upper body, we start basic and move on up. Looking at how to use them on elbows, breaks, rotating back coin flips (2 hoops), and double flips. Lets turn it up a notch and look at some more – 1 and 2 hoop

Breaks and Paddles package (3 hours) – £10

Enter your inner hoop ninja. It is time to Break Yo’selves, we will cover the basics, the paddles and so much more. This workshop is an absolute must, for all of you who want more breaks, better breaks, or want to learn basics. In this takeaway you get 2 hours of class from our two workshops. We cover all the break patterns, paddles, ninja breaks, pinch breaks, variations, wrist breaks, break ins… basically all of the arm stuff and so much more.

This is Escalating and Escalation with a side of tech package (2 hours) – £8

This package starts with the basics and then moves up to and from intermediate – enter the world of escalators and tech with us.
We will be exploring the world of escalation, looking at escalators and moving on from the humble to the woah. You will learn different types of escalators, and transitions, along with how to add them into your flow. The second session goes intermediate and more, with layers of technical movement, tricks and flow being added to our beloved escalator.

Rolls 1-2-3-4 package (4 hours) – £11

This package has rolls for days, and I guarantee that when they see you rollin’ nobody is going to be hating. So many variations we start with simple chest and back rolls, we then move into our backwards rolls combo. Working with chest to back, jawbreakers, and flips, duck ins with break reversals, and matrix rolls, elbow rolls – 1 hoop

Juggle tech combo pt1 and pt2 package (2 hours) – £6

This package looks at the juggle toss, adding tech with tons of variations – learn a routine, flow, and add helicopters and continuous behind the back rolls, perfect!

This is Escalating – £5

This online workshop is perfect for beginners and new intermediates – enter the world of escalators and tech with us.
We will be exploring the world of escalation, looking at escalators and moving on from the humble to the woah. You will learn different types of escalators, and transitions, along with how to add them into your flow. 1 hoop

Mixed skills workshop – £5

Head and nose hooping, pinch breaks, ninja breaks, folds- learn to keep a hoop on your head and nose, along with some complicated breaks, and folds.

Coin Toss and Roll Tech £5

ROLLS AND COIN TOSSES??!! Tech heads unite – workshop using two hoops with rolls and Coin tosses. Let’s get a little planetary – this session is for tech enthusiasts, you won’t be disappointed, double hoops, coin toss chest rolls, super tasty!

Elbow attacks and Passes – £5

Way more exciting than it sounds, using duckins as an entrance for some, elbow passes/attacks (continuously passing behind you), passing from knee to knee, passing the hoop from one part of our body to the other using a vertical plane.

Palm spins and smears – £5

taking the humble palm spin and smear, then turning it into something so much more – 1 & 2 hoops

Tosses – £5

to infinity and beyond, looking at different types of infinity tosses, one hand ninja tosses, all along with a side of dirty pizza – 1 and 2 hoops

Wedgies – £5

exploring wedgies, from continuous to beyond, looking at tricks which can lead off from a wedgie, as well as ways to start and come out of them and how to combine them with other moves, combing head, neck, elbows – drop downs, break starts, and double wedgies 1/2 hoop

Ducking in and Ducking out – £5

Shoulder duck outs, waist, neck and chest, and combining arms and shoulders, horizontal and vertical planes are both covered- 1 hoop

Passes – £5

Passing the hoop from one part of our body to the other –  shoulder passes, elbow passes and elbow attack – knee passes – 1 hoop 

Head Tech – £5

Taking head hooping to the next level – we will cover head hooping, sustained spinning, transitioning, nose hooping and more  

Quads – £5

Adding Palm spins to our quads and knees, and then isolations with two hoops, which you can eventually add to quads!

Box splits – £4

preparing for box splits and beginning to initiate them, step by we will put together everything we need for box splits 

Doubles – £5

More doubles – looking at double hoop tricks with twin hoops – we will start medium, and work our way up, looking at palm spins, isolations, smears and folds– 2 hoops

The evolution of caps – £5

turning caps into movement, combining and adding tricks, such as rolls, palm spins, & switching hands and direction. A favourite 2 hoops

Doubles 2 – £5

looking at twins, with manipulation, isolations and movement – 2 hoops

Breaks and Paddles – £5

Let me B R EA K it down for you. Enter the world of breaks and paddles, challenge yourself, channel your inner ninja.I am gonna break it all down for you we cover basic breaks, double breaks, ninja breaks, breaks and paddles, pinch breaks.

Breaks part 2 – £5

A speciality, this session is suitable for intermediate and advanced hoopers, especially for those of you who have done my workshop before, as we will be starting from breaks and paddles and moving on up from there.

Flips, folds, passes and coin tosses – £5

Such a popular session, so much tech to play with, combining folds, palm spins, shoulder rolls, passes and coin tosses, this is a 2 hoop game 

Nobody puts onbody in the corner(2 hours) £6

Onbody splits – 2 sessions – Lets train onbody, we will start with chest, waist and knees and then turn up to a 2/3/4/5 hoop jam

Leg day – £5

We need to talk about legs – we don’t skip leg day, and you don’t either, looking at tricks and moves based below our waists – a 1 hoop jam staring lasso to knees, to one leg, a coin smear to wedgie, wedgie to escalator and horizontal knee breaks (off body)

Shoulders – £5

Exploring shoulder spins, passes and transitions – horizontal and vertical planes –  its a 1 hoop jam

Elbows – £5

Exploring elbow passes, attacks, and transitions – horizontal and vertical planes –  its a 1+ 2 hoop jam

Flips and folds – £4

 A massive favourite, this  fun session explores coin flips and folds, we have all the combos & tech to explore, nobody is disappointed, try it! 1 hoop

Escalation with a side of tech

Lets layer up on our beloved escalator, technical movement, tricks and flow 1 hoop 


Exploring rolls, starting basic and adding tech, and discovering combos. Using elbows, matrix, chest to back rolls.