Online Classes

This is so much more than just Hula Hooping. This dance, circus, fitness, and so much more.

Find your flow, moves, and passions within the various different disciplines of hula hooping. You can practise hoop anywhere, all you need are some lessons, a hoop and a sprinkle of determination. Whether you are a beginner who dreams of performing, or a performer looking for inspirational tricks, Project Hoop has something for you.

Current weekly online classes


Beginners Hoop Class 6-7pm on zoom – £5 block or £6 PAYG – Level Beginner

Wanna learn online and at a pace to suit you? Of course you do, and that’s why we have a Beginners Package to suit you (look under Takeaway Classes) it has over six hours of content, allowing you to begin your hula hoop journey today, from the comfort of your own space, and at your own pace.

We start with the basics and move on to more, learning on body, movements and more, giving you all the help and encouragement you need. We teach according to ability.

Online live sessions resume in September 2021. Sessions run in blocks of 4 and are £20 a block or £6 as a drop in – its recommended you complete the block

Tricks and Tips Class –  7pm-8pm – £5 block or £6 PAYG – Level intermediate – advanced 

Look under Takeaway Classes for a complete breakdown of all the sessions and content you can buy, takeaway, and learn at a pace to suit you. Live sessions begin again in September 2021.

If you wanna get tricky and learn something new, then this is definitely the class for you. In this class we take a base move/area and then turn it into so much more, layers, upon layers of techniques, transitions and tricks.

Expect to be inspired, encouraged and to achieve, my sessions do not disappoint, and I have many specialist areas, and mvariations for all.

If you cannot make a session  you shall receive the takeaway class for any sessions that you can’t make. Please use Bookwhen (below) to book you place. Details of what is being taught are listed in each block.

All class information and booking, is detailed on our schedule below, please note all times are UK GMT/BST.
Please read and book what is suitable for you. If you would like to block book and part attend/part receive the class videos, please stipulate and I shall send them over after sessions.

Online lessons are delivered via ZOOM, all you need is a compatible device a hoop, and some room to hoop in. We have hoops for sale in our shop!

Check out our Takeaway sessions, I have a great beginners and tricks packages available!