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It is time to up your hoop game

It is time to get your hoop on. Learn everything flow arts and more, this is circus, dance, and fitness. Single, double and multi hoop. We have something for big and small. Train and learn all those tricky moves you have always wanted, by attending one of our classes. Push yourself past your core and learn so much more. We also have downloadable classes and bundles in our Shop & Deda on demand.

hula hoop classes in Nottingham

Beginners Workshop

This is the perfect opportunity to try a one off hula hoop session. Realise your potential, by learning the basics of hula hooping and maybe even a fancy trick or two!

1 - hoop - Beginners.

June 10th: 11-12pm


Leahurst Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham,NG2 6GL

Breaks and Paddles

Let me break it down for you, starting with breaks and paddles… I literally have all of them to share with you. Taught according to the basis of ability, and duration of workshop, this is one for the tougher mudders of the hoop world.
1 hoop - intermediate

May 27th: 12-1pm

Iona School – Tuyo Circus Arts


Come learn from Dances with Circles (Rach) and Project Hoop (RoRo) on June 24th. Participate in the Fierce and Flow workshop intensive with Rach and Ro.

June 24th: 11:30- 3:30 pm

Iona School – Tuyo Circus Arts

how we teach

Guest Teachers

Not only do we teach our own badass workshops, but we host them too. At Project Hoop we like to give you variety, which is why we host guest workshops with some of the best hoop teachers we can get – historically we have had Rachel Sulivan Dances with Circles, Debby Earle Hulalahoopers, Cahula Hoops, Kay Pink Hoop and Emma Kenna Hooping Mad – watch this space for guest spots as we have plenty to come!


On Demand Classes Available too!