Come learn from Dances with Circles and Project Hoop on June 24th. Participate in the Fierce and Flow workshop intensive with Rach and Ro.

In this intensive you will be blending tricks & moves, with a sprinkle of tech. You will learn new things, whilst using what you already have as a baseline.

Expect tricks, expect combos, expect some badassery, because everything from this point, flows your way.

Ro will be teaching everything on a standard 32 inch polypro – this workshop is suitable for intermediate and advanced hula hoopers.

Please be sure to conduct your own stretches or warm up as needed, prior to beginning the workshop (more hoop, less warm up).
With Rach the focus of the workshop is Hoop Dance and Movement.

In this workshop you will be taught a dance-based hoop choreography. The choreography combines tech, flow, and ballet inspired jumps + turns to create a visual masterpiece.

The choreography is accessible for an intermediate to advanced level. Beginners are welcome to come but may find it extra challenging.

In this choreography you will learn how to utilize movement and play with space to add flare to the routine.

This workshop will require you to get involved with your fellow students so bring a communal energy with you.

Because we will be learning ways to jump and squat with the hoop make sure you bring water, clothing you feel comfortable moving/ sweating in, and a well-rested body.

The ideal hoop size for this workshop is anywhere from 36 inches to 25 inches.
Please bring a notebook to take notes and a yoga mat if you would like to do some stretching after the class.

Book via this page:

See you at the TUYO circus center June 24th 2023 from 11:30- 3:30 pm

Information on how to find the location:

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