Presented by the amazing JD FLOWS & the one and only PROJECT HOOP 💥

INTRODUCING to you our 2nd ‘COIN TOSS LIKE A BOSS & GET TO GRIPS WITH THE FLIPS’ WORKSHOP – presented by the amazing JD FLOWS & the one and only PROJECTHOOP. Do you want to unlock the power of the coinflip, the coin toss, & level up your tricks?! 
Of course, you do, and that’s why this is the workshop for you! 
We will be guiding you through the fundamentals of coinflips, creating little combos and helping you tie them in with your flow!Also, all levels are welcome! We are talking requests too, so get them in! All you have to do is, when you book with us, is let us know what level you’re at and we will tailor the lessons to YOU! Exclusively inclusive, we will cater for all your coinflippy needs!  Only £7 for 2 full hours workshop recording will be sent if you can’t make the live session Saturday 17th of March @ 11am-1pm BST UK

Level up, learn cool tricks and most importantly, have flippy fun! Book here: *all participants must be confident with poly pro, hoop sizes no bigger than 33inches, this is a 1 hoop workshop.