It is time to get your hoop on. Learn everything flow arts and more, this is circus, dance, and fitness. Single, double and multi hoop. We have something for big and small. Train and learn all those tricky moves you have always wanted, by attending one of our classes. Push yourself past your core and learn so much more. We also have downloadable classes and bundles in our Shop & Deda on demand.

Monthly Hula Hoop Workshops

Come and join me for some monthly hoops goodness, learn lots of new things with RoRo and hoop with other hoopers.

It is time to up your hoop game, our monthly Saturday workshop sessions will not disappoint:

January 28th 2023

12-1.15pm Rolls

Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ 

All the rolls you could ever want or need, whether you’re a beginner or advanced, this workshop will not disappoint. Taking rolls and turning them into so much more:  a 1 or 2 hoop jam.

Level – confident beginner – advanced – price £15


February 25th 2023

11-12pm Beginners

Finally, a beginner’s Hula hoop workshop.

Perfect for those who want to begin hula hooping, and for beginners who want a little something more to work with. In these workshop sessions (this shall be the first of many), you will learn some on body and some other moves, finding your flow and how to use and move with a hoop.

This is more than waist hooping. This is circus, dance and fitness. Project Hoop will train you up and give you all the help you need to master super sweet hoop moves.

Level –  beginner – price £12

12-1.15pm Doubles

Make it a double

A double dose of hoop moves, the doable meets dubious in this multi skill workshop for all, ‘cause two is better than one, more is more: a 2 hoop jam.

Level – confident beginner – advanced – price £15


March 11th 12-1.15pm – Leg day – we will be looking at all those tricky moves that revolve around legs. Wedgies, foot moves, knees and more! 1or 2 hoops

Level – confident beginner – advanced – price £15


April 29th 12-1.15pm – Duck outs and duck ins – Focusing on duck outs and duck ins from different parts of the body and tricks. This workshop can be taught for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Waist dropouts and dropins, shoulders, arms, torso, heads and rolls etc… 1 hoop

Level – confident beginner – advanced – price £15


May 27th 12-1.15pm – Breaks and paddles – Let me break it down for you, starting with breaks and paddles… I literally have all of them to share with you. Taught according to the basis of ability. 1 hoop

Level – confident beginner – advanced – price £15


JUNE 24th – Rachel and ME (Details to be announced)

Level – confident beginner – advanced – price £15


You do not need to attend all workshops – and we have the motto ‘you do you’ which means you try as much as you can or want!

Wear clothes you can move freely in

Bring some water

Our workshops are beginner friendly

Our workshops are suitable for advanced

You can borrow or buy hoops

Parking is available at the venue

Directions are onsite (Tuyo)

To find out more or book a class please visit Tuyo’s website  ->Tuyo’s website


Junior classes

Our Junior Classes are Thursdays 5.30-6.30pm at Tuyo Circus Arts

Equipment is available to borrow for classes, or you can order a hoop via our shop – we recommend children start with a Polypro hoop, so please put polypro in the comments box.

To find out more or book a class please visit Tuyo’s website  ->Tuyo’s website