Do yoga – Do hoop – Yo-hoop

What is it?

Yo-hoop is half a day of workshops focusing on building strength, coordination and determination – all whilst exploring the art of hoop and yoga, these workshops are a pairing of the two, welcome to the world of physical and mental integration. Join us for 2 x 1.30 workshops where the focus is yoga, hoop and you, along with – of course- strength, cognition and wellbeing. These workshops are bespoke, we have variations for all, and we will happily teach anything that is requested also.


How much is it?



How does it work?

Arrival around 12pm

Workshop 1 – begins 12.15pm- 1.45pm – Yoga with Thea

Designed for all. This workshop shall present a concentrated practice for the epicentre of our strength; the core. We will delve into the deep abdominal tissues to enhance each asana of your practice and awaken your inner fire.


Break – 15 mins – there are toilets, changing rooms and refreshment-making facilities on site – if you have brought along something to nibble on quickly, you can grab it from the kitchen


Workshop 2 – Hoop with RoRo – Project Hoop – 2- 3.30pm

This workshop will focus on our on body, escalation, rolls and tosses

This session can serve as an intro to the world of hoop for complete beginners, and as an enhancement and level up to those who can already, it is suitable for all. Lets do some hooping, a touch of circus, some dance, work out and have fun. You will leave this workshop with an insight into hoop, new techniques and moves, and a sense of accomplishment.

Pictures and the opportunity for 15 mins free play is available at the end

What do I need?

Equipment is provided, although you are more than welcome to bring your own. Please wear appropriate and comfortable clothing, bring something to drink out have, and a willingness to learn and have fun.


Who are they?

Both of these instructors have their own unique following…


A bit about RoRo:

What started out as a hobby turned into my passion. Originally self-taught, I have since learned from some of the best. I am RoRo, I used to be an English lecturer, but now I am the director of  Project Hoop. I am a hoop trickster, performer and teacher. I have recognised teaching qualifications, and over 8 years teaching experience, along with a whole load of hoop mastery. I teach and practice single and multi hoops, tech, trickery and dance. I have taught and hosted national and international workshops, and I teach lots of popular weekly classes. I have featured on the BBC, Notts TV, Left Lion magazine, and I am also an ambassador for This Girl Can.


A bit about Thea:

Driven by my passion for authentic and organic movement I have practiced yoga for more than 8 years. My love of flow any anatomy drives my teaching to encourage students to focus on their internal energy, away from external and self-imposed constraints. My continuing journey has led me to study human physiology and the relation of wellness to movement to movement focusing on Yoga for Health.


Where is it?

Scene Studios

650 Woodborough Road


All the information on how to get there is on this link-


Parking is available



How do I book?

To book your spot please contact one of us by email:

yo-hoop@hotmail.com or info@projecthoop.com

We accept BACS and PayPal