This girl Will and This girl Is because This girl Can.

I featured in the Nottingham This Girl Can documentary which is all about strong inspirational women in sport. Once I had spoken to the produces about me story they organised a visit to film, the location for filming was my classroom, I keep a hoop in my room and I practice every day before work.

I started hooping over 2 years ago, when I was at a low in life. It created a way for me to concentrate on myself, when everything around me was crumbling. My determination to escape what was around me allowed me to focus on learning and advancing.

It was a hard thing to master, it took hours of practice each day, it took bruises and it took frustration. But it all paid off. Some people collect stamps, or DVDs, not me, I had begun to collect tricks.

Being able to see myself acquire and master moves gave me self confidence. It allowed me to believe in myself as I slowly made what once was impossible, possible. As a teacher,  the more I progressed and learned,  the more I knew I had to teach it.

It was an honour to feature in the Nottingham This Girl Can documentary. Please take a look at the documentary.