The European Juggling convention

EJC is the place to be folks…

We are super excited to announce that we will be teaching 4 workshops at The European Juggling Convention this year. 

Workshop information

9th August 2019 – 11am-12.30pm – They see me rolling

This workshop has rolls for days! We have beginners covered and advanced, some of the things you can learn- chest, back, boomerang, infinite chest rolls, chest to back, matrix, jawbreakers, throws, 360, 3d, flips, duck ins, double rolls… 

9th August 2019 – 2-3.30pm – Tosses

In this workshop we will be bossing the tosses, we will be keeping in keen, and exploring the world of throws, tosses and passes, on the menu we have different kinds of infinity tosses, pizza tosses, juggle tosses, heads, arms, legs, etc… 

10thAugust 2019 -11.30am-1pm – Break yo’self

It is time to release your inner ninja and explore the world of breaks, straighten up, perfect your technique and learn all the breaks. This is one for the tougher mudders of the hoop world.

So… Let me b-r-e-a-k it down for you… we will be looking at breaks, ninja breaks, pinch breaks, wrist breaks, paddles, knee breaks… No pain, no gain. We have so much to teach you, we will cram in as much as we can! 

10thAugust 2pm-3.30pm Tough mudder ducker (duck ins/outs)

Focusing on the duck ins and outs of the hoop world. We will be exploring applying them to different parts of our bodies and applying them to tricks, we will start with our waists and work our way through, we can shoulders, arms, torso, rolls etc… We always have all the variations

We have so much to teach you, we will cram in as much as we can. We have all the variations; I am open to requests. We have equipment also.

Workshop times

9th August 2019 – 11am-12.30pm – They see me rolling

2pm -3.30pm – Tosses

10thAugust 2019 -11.30am-1pm – Break yo’self

2pm-3.30pm Tough mudder ducker (duck ins/outs)

What is EJC?

EJC is a sweets shop of skill sets, it is reasonably prices (£40 for a day ticket including camp) and you get to partake in amazing workshops (including our own) and see jaw dropping performances. Find out more here 

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