Skin Elixir – Rochene’s Nourishing Tips

The wonderful Skin Elixir selected your hoopiness to do a blog about skin care. Her moisturiser is amazing and we are in talks about making an advert.

“Introducing inspirational hula hooper, Rochene Johnston,who has recently launched Project Hoop UK, for her top tips to nourish the skin you’re in.”


1. What do you do as part of a regular routine to look yourself?

Each day I try to do at least 30 minutes hula hooping, I don’t mean waist hooping either, I mean learning tricks, sometimes I do my practice in the morning before work, so if I am too tired or rushed with the commute in the mornings, I steal my hoop time then.
If morning escapes me, I do it during my lunch at work or after work. I work as a teacher and I even keep a hoop in my classroom. Hula hooping allows me to focus, exercise and master some pretty awesome tricks…

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