Online Breaks and Paddles Workshop

Let me break it all down for you. Come along and break yo’self, plus its living room friendly!!I have added variations for our more advanced participants. If you have breaks and paddles already, you can learn some of a different variety!
Breaks and paddles, ninja breaks, pinch breaks, variations, wrist breaks, leg breaks, knee breaks, neck, shoulders, wrap breaks, neck, rolls, coin toss, shoulders… I literally have all of them to share with you, we will fill our time wisely!

This workshop takes place in the UK so we are on British Summer time 6pm – 7pm on Friday the 29th of May.
– Other time zones –

CDT USA – 12pm

MDT USA – 11 am

EDT Canada – 1pm

CEST Central Europe – 7pm

You can check your time zone here also: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com
This workshop is for confident intermediates and advanced hula hoopers. You may experience some bruising, as these tricks can be a little hard core.

You will need:

• A polypro hoop

• An internet enabled device; tablet, laptop, phone etc

• Some space

• Comfy clothing

How to Join Us Online:1. Install Zoom on your smart device

2. https://bookwhen.com/projecthoop

3. You will receive an email to the email address you booked with the class password within 20 mins prior to class commencement

4. If you have block booked, you will be given a separate password on booking

5. Please ensure you’re ready and are online and connected Zoom before we start.

6. Use the link provided for each class and the password sent to you

How much is this workshop:£7


Meeting ID: 212 056 0067

All sessions are recorded on Zoom and video archives are available for purchase
Video by Andy Gray