London hula hoop Double Workshop Extravaganza

What is it?

Join us for some double trouble with our awesome double workshop extravaganza in London town. Two super hoopers, See Ying – Hoop Spirit and RoRo – Project Hoop – two excellent workshops, our poll will close at the beginning of August, what I teach, there are four options, you decide!

1.30pm – 3pm – RoRo Project Hoop – The choice is yours – PLEASE SEE POLL IN THE EVENT ON FACEBOOK

Break yo’self

It is time to release your inner ninja and explore the world of breaks, straighten up, perfect your technique and learn all the breaks. This is one for the tougher mudders of the hoop world.

So… Let me b-r-e-a-k it down for you… we will be looking at breaks, ninja breaks, pinch breaks, wrist breaks, paddles, knee breaks… No pain, no gain. We have so much to teach you, we will cram in as much as we can! 

They see me rolling

This workshop has rolls for days! We have beginners covered and advanced, some of the things you can learn- chest, back, infinite chest rolls, chest to back, matrix, jawbreakers, throws, 360, 3d, flips, duck ins, double rolls… 

Tough mudder ducker (duck ins/outs)

Focusing on the duck ins and outs of the hoop world. We will be exploring applying them to different parts of our bodies and applying them to tricks, we will start with our waists and work our way through, we can shoulders, arms, torso, rolls etc… We always have all the variations

Coin tosses 

Called by any other name, would it look any sweeter, I doubt it. This workshop is a little more for the intermediates upwards. Starting to explore coin tosses with basic coin tosses, exploring the different chest, and back coin tosses/rolls moving on to 360 coin toss rolls. The list is endless, these tricks look super awesome!

BREAK – 30 mins 

3.30pm – 5pm – See Ying – Hoop Spirit – Brain scrambling Wall Plane Tech with Twin Hoops

Learn mind-bending hoop tech that will frazzle your brain.  We will begin by going through the theory behind wall plane twins and hybrids.  Starting with the combination of a linear isolation and one-handed coin flip fold, we will build onto this move to create lots of different patterns and combinations.  We will add twists, folds, turns, flips, iso-whips, linear isolations, swings, slides, use different hand grips, to explore all the different possibilities and add variety to your twins.  We will learn how to move dynamically whilst doing wall plane twins, and how to connect the moves together and incorporate them into your existing twins flow.  You do not need to have previous experience of twins to do this workshop, but it would help if you have some experience of moving two hoops at the same time.  Everything will be explained from the basics up, but it would be helpful if you already know how to do a basic isolation and horizontal linear isolation.  If you are already an experienced doubles hooper, this workshop will add to your skill set, and inspire you to build your own combinations.  By the time you have finished the workshop your brain will be slightly scrambled!  Please bring 2 x medium to small lightweight hoops.

Where is it?

The Factory Fitness and Dance Centre

407 Hornsey Rd, London N19 4DX

More venue information is available here:


How much is it?

We accept BACS (just ask) and PayPal as friend and family – paypal.me/projecthoop2

Please reference payment as London workshop

What do I need?

A can do attitude and two Hoops that are the same size – if you need to borrow any equipment, no worries, just ask…

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