Kay Dent AKA Unicorn Hooper workshop

Project Hoop presents the fantastic Kay Dent – 2nd of September- 2018 – 1-30-5pm

From Bristol UK, Kay has been hooping since 2010 has been a professional hoop instructor since 2011. She taught for Emma Kennna’s company Hooping Mad for several years then taught solo tours around the UK, Europe, USA, Australia and Asia as well as hooping festivals world wide including Spin summit (USA), New Zealand Hoop Fest, German Hoop Con, SWHOOP, Manchester Hoop Con, Birmingham Hoop Con and the EJC. Kay now runs her own hooping festival Unicorn Hoop Fest and clothing line Unicorn Hooper which launched in 2017! Growing up struggling with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia Kay found different ways around her coordination and learning issues which hugely influenced her teaching style, breaking down tricks in the simplest ways so anyone can understand and grasp them. A finalist in the first ever Hooping Idol, Kay is known for her foot hooping, twins, flow and her award winning Hoop burlesque performances.

SWHOOP 2015 Performance

What will be taught?

Suitable for all levels, covering basic to difficult 2 hoop isolation material. 2 matching sized hoops required, ideally mini or medium sized hoops. Covering a variety of 2 hoop isolations, with both hoops in one hand and in separate hands. Goddess machine variations, isolation folds and more

On and off body moves that go behind your back or around your body. Foot pass variations, behind the back throw and jump, Snake pass, elbow pass roll combo, round the body circus moves, coin flips around different body parts, round the butt pass and bum hooping!

Bring two of your favourite hoops, preferably the same size, or a similar size. If you need to borrow hoops just ask and we will provide them for you on the day.

The first rule of hoop club is: you tell everyone about hoop club.

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