Hoops for Humanity – helping refugees with hula hooping

Hoops for humanity was set up by Project Hoop in 2017. The project has been set up to help refugee children, this year we are raising funds to travel to refugee camps in Greece, and give hula hoop workshops to the children there, we are collecting and creating a stock pile of hoops to take over with us, which will be donated to the camps and the children, so that they can continue to use them.

We know that Hoops for Humanity will not solve the refugee crisis in Greece, but we are certain it will help the children who are caught up in it. Not only will it put a smile on their faces, but it will allow them to be children, leaving them feeling determined and confident, with all the hoops that they need to continue learning and having fun.

We have had many hula hoopers, and hoop communities respond to our project in such a positive way. Hoops are being donated, help is being given and money has been donated. Moreover, fundraisers have been organised and are due to take place in York – Jen Parry founder of High Hoops, and in Birmingham – Michela Hoops (Miky Re) co-founder of HoopHoopHoop.

People have been very generous, our Go fund me page has generated funds to help get us and hoops over to Greece, and into the camps. We also have the Free Movement Skateboarding group on board, they will be supporting and helping us over in Greece; the movement currently teaches skateboarding to refugee children, helping their physical and mental well-being, social skills and confidence.

Hoops for Humanity will be doing sessions and donations for Khora, Eleonas, we are also looking into getting into Elea and others.

This project does not need to stop at Greece, we would like to revisit these camps, and we are currently hoping to set up Hoops for Humanity for UK refugees also. All help and donations are greatly appreciated, please get in touch or check out the links below to find out more.

Our Go fund me page

Free Movement Skateboarding: