That’s a rap, Project Hoop has completed Hoops for Humanity

We weren’t allowed to film or photograph due to security and tight regulations, so I have documented what I could.

⭕️ The last session at camp Eleonas was really good, I had a student called Daniel who was amazing. He learned the continuous escalator, and other moves that most beginners would struggle with, within two hours. He was fantastic, they all were.

As we were nearing the end of our time there, he kept asking for me to show him quickly as we were running out of time. It was sad to say I wouldn’t be back that week, but I donated a load of hoops to Project Eleas which is in the camp, and showed Daniel and some other children that they were being stored safely for usage, they know they can access them, and that they will be used for future activities.

It was fantastic to have so many young men want to learn too. I had the same with some boys from The City Plaza squat on Friday. So many lads wanting to learn. Once you showed them some badass ninja moves, they wanted to learn. I was suprised and glad they were so determined and inspired.

The hoops brought something different, and something that can be carried on, a lot of the younger kids loved them. Older kids wanted to learn, some were even incorporating it into skateboarding. 

Lets keep in mind that these kids are limbo, their futures are very uncertain and there is not much for them to do. Its nice to give them something fun, which can be used as a kids toy, or can be used to learn hoop tricks, dance and circus.

We had around 100 kids learn and try to hoop. Over 100 hoops have been donated.

– I have donated hoops to CircusAid for use, they have even given me a contract to return in July/August, where I will be trained and able to do workshops for refugees with them.

– I have donated hoops to a charity called Khora

– I have donated hoops to camp Eleonas – Project Elea

– I have donated hoops to the Free Movement Skateboarding  

Thanks to my volunteers Helen and Heather who came along on this crazy trip with me. You ladies have big hearts, and we have had so much fun and experienced so much together.

Big thanks to Will from the Free Movement Skateboarders for putting us up, driving us around, and being such an awesome guy! You the man!

Thank you to Vic as well for receiving and transporting hoops, and putting me in touch with Circus Aid and using hoops with Khora ⭐️⭐️

Thank you to everyone who donated money, fundraised, or donated hoops or supplies.

Heres to our future projects, lets get back over in the summer, and I am working on setting something up here in Nottingham!


Project Hoop ⭕️??❤️#hoopsforhumanity