Since featuring in last years Notts Girls Can documentary, Rochene Johnston started her own business called Project Hoop and here is her story so far…

I decided to take my experience, and qualifications in a different direction; by day I work part time as an English lecturer, and by night, I teach and perform hula hoop.

I named Project Hoop after Fight Clubs Project Mayhem, as when I was training, I was very dedicated and determined, I would have nasty bruises and swellings. I was turning up to my old secondary school job looking like I had been in a fight. When really, it was hula hoops; this is my hoop club, Project Hoop.

It has not always been easy, but despite the hurdles I have faced, Project Hoop has gone from strength to strength. Our classes are busy, and I have so many workshops booked over the next few months.


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