10th March 2018, Nottingham – £25

… Based in London, Carla AKA CaHula Hoops became a hoop addict 6 years ago and has been teaching for 2 years. She has been a member of World record holding Hoop troupe The Majorettes for nearly 3 years, and has performed at many high profile events including festivals, community events and private parties. Carla is also co-founder of Hulaballoo London, providers of exciting Hula hoop events and workshops in London.

These workshops are suitable for all levels, Carla is used to teaching a wide range of levels & will always offer a variety of options for advanced hoopers.

On the Day

Workshop 1 – Flow
2:15pm – 3:45pm

Learn to dance with your hoop as Carla teaches you a unique sequence of single hoop tricks that focus on movement, seamless transitions and smooth flow. You will be learning some unexpected transitions to link some of your favourite hoop tricks, using your body to duck, stretch, twist and spin your way through a graceful hoop flow.

Those new to hooping will learn a ton of new tricks and more experienced Hoopers can get creative and challenge themselves with exciting new patterns and transitions.

Break & Free Play

Workshop 2 – Twins
4:15pm – 5:45pm

Focussing on some of Carla’s favourite twin Hoop combo’s, this workshop is a great way to start flowing and moving with your twins.

Carla will share and break down a number of technical hoop tricks and show transitions in and out of these moves which you will then be able to incorporate into your own twin play.

Expect isolations, extensions, spins, and twists as you get creative with your planes, grips and movements and unlock new shapes.

Bring two of your favourite hoops, preferably the same size, or a similar size. If you need to borrow hoops just ask and we will provide them for you on the day.

Payment Info

This workshop is £25. If you would like to attend please get in touch. All payments must be made prior to the event.

The venue

Saint Saviour’s Church, Arkwright Walk, The Meadows, Nottingham

Coming by car?

For the Church Hall: set your SatNav to NG2 3LP. Limited parking is available for the halls, but you can use the church car park on St. Saviour’s Gardens. There is also parking at Edens Softplay.

For the car park, main church building and church office: 3rd left off Meadows Way onto St Saviours Gardens, Car Park at the back of the church (on left), walk around the church (on Arkwright Walk) to access the halls by foot.