Birmingham Hoop Fest 2023

A immersive full day of hooping FUN with the amazing Sharna Rose, Roro Johnston (Project Hoop) and See Ying Yip! There will also be a aerial skills workshop run by Circusmash.

Sharna Rose
Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes 2023: We will be exploring some interactions with the hoop at these parts of body. This is an reworked revisit of the workshop that was taught during Sharna’s US Tour in 2005. It will be good old silly fun with a variety of fun hoop combos.
About Sharna: Sharna Rose has been hoop dancing for 17 years!!!! That is a lot of students that have been taught and inspired by her. She is known for her crazily creative style that explores multi possibilities of movement on all parts of her body. She is always excited to share her process, the fruits of her explorations and her attitude to living the best life possible.

Birmingham Hoop Fest 2023

RoRo Project Hoop
You know you wanna flip that!
Come with on an exploration of all things coin flippy; coin flips are one of my favourite things and I cannot wait to share some of them with you. I will crank up the heat accordingly, you will learn new things, and experiment with adding them to your flow.
About RoRo: Hoop star, trickster, and teacher. She will happily put you all into a spin as she showcases speed and vivacity; all with a side of circus. She likes quick technical tricks and looks forward to sharing them with you. RoRo is an established hooper and the director of Project Hoop. In 2015, she took up hula hooping as both a hobby & a means of escapism, it wasn’t long before she got nerdy with the hoops and turned her passion into her profession. In 2017 she decided to take her teaching qualifications & experience and started her own company: Project Hoop. She inow a well-known Hula Hooper, teacher, and performer. She is often credited for being passionate, inventive, and motivational, bringing so much more than hoop to those she meets.

See Ying Yip
See Ying workshop’s is all about doubles hoop combos that will melt your brain . She will offer variations on some of the tricks depending on people’s levels. You can check some of her moves here:
About See Ying: See Ying Yip (HoopSpirit) discovered hooping in the summer of 2010 and has been smitten ever since. Looking for an inexpensive way to lose weight she first started with a heavy 1kg 40” hoop, but quickly discovered the exciting world of hoopdance. Since then she has travelled the world, attending workshops and countless hoop conventions, learning from world-class instructors. See Ying is best known in the hoop community for her seamless doubles and mind-bending twin hoop tech. She has taught at Play (2017, 2018), Phoenix Fire Convention 2017, Bath UpChuck 2018, Brighton Flow Festival Summer 2018, Lestival 2018, Catch 2018, Hoop Sesh 2018, London Circus Symposium 2018, Belfast Juggling Convention 2019, and has taught her own workshops in Manchester and London. She has taught and performed at Whoop-C – the Welsh Hoop Convention 2018, the British Juggling Convention 2018, York Hoop Spree 2018, Manchester Hoop Congress 2020, Hoopstice °66 – 2022 in Iceland, and has performed at Brighton Xmas Hooping Party 2018, Spinning@ Xmas Party 2018, Dia de Muertos Hoop Retreat 2018 in Mexico, the Italian Hoop Connection 2019, and Bungay Balls Up. See Ying is currently expanding into multiples, quad hooping, hoop juggling and is working on flexibility and acrobatics. She is heavily involved in the larger spinning community, and looks at ways to combine hoop tech, dance and acrobatics, and is heavily influenced by other circus props.

Aerial workshop with CircusMash
During this workshop you will learn and practice some aerial moves on the silk, trapeze and lyra. Most likely you will end up spinning your hoop upside down 🙂

The workshops are suitable to all levels and teachers will adapt to all abilities so that you’ll be able to learn new tricks, practice, have a great time, meet other hoopers
We can’t wait to see you!!! HoopHoopHoop!!

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FB/IG: Michela Hoops

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