About Us

Project Hoop provides performances, classes, workshops, tuition –Skype available, Hen party packages and is the other half of YoHoop – our yoga and hoop workshop packages.

Hooping is not only gratifying, but it can be so much more than waist hooping. It’s fitness, it’s circus, it’s dance … it is whatever you want it to be. Moreover, it is something you can practice pretty much anywhere. All you need is a hoop and some space.

We have over 8 years teaching practice and a whole load of hoop experience. We have performed at all kinds of events, showcasing single and multi-hoop tricks. We also have a Hoop Squad which is available for big events.

We teach all levels of ability, beginners, intermediates and advanced, single or multi hoop. All classes and workshops are taught in a supportive, structured environment and instructed by a qualified teacher and trainer. We have weekly classes in Nottingham for lower and higher levels of ability, along with private tuition (also available online). Hoops are always provided.

We also sell hoops and super threads, check out our ‘Hoop Life’ vests and other apparel, as modelled by many a super hooper.

Context is everything, we have taught workshops all over the UK – we also provide workshops for people with SEN – along with our sell out Yo-Hoop packages, which are perfect for events and retreats.

At Project Hoop we like to bring you variety, this is why we hire only the best teachers for our guest workshops; famous hoop teachers from around the country instruct these.

We also did Project Hoops for humanity & we want to do more…

Hoops for Humanity brings workshops to refugees and vulnerable people, we donated tons of hoops which are still being used by Circus Aid and other organisations – we are in the process of trying to set this up again.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking to get some hoop, look no further, let PH entertain and train you.

“The first rule of hoop club is: you tell everyone about hoop club.”