About Us

The first rule of hoop club is: you tell everyone about hoop club. We currently teach online, in person, and we have videos lessons on offer. 

Project Hoop is all about the hoop badassery, and we provide hoop performances, classes, workshops, clothing, and party fun. 

Hooping is not only gratifying, but it can be so much more than waist hooping. It’s fitness, it’s circus, it’s dance, it’s achievement, it’s social, and so much more. Moreover, it is something you can practice pretty much anywhere. All you need is a hoop, a sprinkle of determination, and some space.

Our performances show off single and multi hoop tricks, blending circus and dance, and performing according to theme. Party packages (popular for hen & birthday parties) give you the opportunity to learn and see some impressive stuff, where guests can be entertained, whilst learning and having fun.

Project Hoops RoRo is a qualified (QTS) teacher who has over 10 years teaching practise and a whole load of hoop experience. Originally self-taught, she has attended a wealth of workshops and conventions, and have been taught by some of the best teachers in the world. We have also worked with some big names as a performer and teacher.

All classes and workshops are taught in a supportive, structured environment and instructed by a qualified teacher and trainer. We teach online and in person, we also have SEN based workshops, and workshops for the elderly too.

At Project Hoop we like variety, this is why we hire some of the best teachers for our guest workshops, these are instructed by famous hoop teachers from around the country.

If you’re looking to get some hoop, let Project Hoop train and entertain you.


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“The first rule of hoop club is: you tell everyone about hoop club.”